Esnek Paketleme

With one of the largest product portfolios in the industry, our partner Mespack offers horizontal form-fill seal machinery to produce sachets and stand-up pouches, vertical form-fill seal machinery to produce stickpacks and flat sachets, water soluble pods, and end-of-line equipment. Consequently, Mespack has become a strong and reliable one-stop-shop player with premium services worldwide.

Their extensive range of equipment can produce stand-up pouches at 80ppm (products per minute) through to high-speed quad machines, producing up to 380ppm. Mespack further offers a comprehensive range of reclosable features and innovative pack designs that can be incorporated into your solutions.

All machines are suitable for liquids, granules, powders, and product pieces. Specialty machines are available for retort processing and ATEX applications. Mespack’s expertise covers a wide industry base including food, personal care, household chemicals, drinks, pharmaceuticals, health & wellbeing, pet food and more.